Top 3 Rice Cooker Brands

rice dishesBeing a connoisseur makes you go from ‘Yumm!!’ to ‘Eww..!!!’ in just a few seconds. The job has its own perks and is really a blessing for me. I have always relished the rice dishes my mother made while I was a kid. After having eaten it once, I used to store away another helping in some corner of the kitchen and relished it after a few hours. Rice had been my favorite since time immemorial (Just for Laughs). While I was growing up, I heard a lot of alarming voices say that I am going to be a huge person as I just devour rice. But, my genes kept me thin and my mother kept me satisfied with rice dishes. Finally, after graduating in ‘Food and Nutrition’ I got a lot of career choices before me. It was at that time, that I saw an unusual advertisement. It was about hiring a connoisseur for rice.

For a few minutes, I was like, ‘Isn’t this the best job ever?’ After discussing in my family, I went for the interview and there I was the next day. Tasting different varieties of rice, cooked in different rice cookers, with different spices, and in different textures. Now, I used to have my favorite food daily and that too without having to make it. Having worked in the industry for more than 2 years, now I find myself highly rich of knowledge of various rice types, cookers, cooking methods, and what not. Recently, when I changed the office from being a connoisseur on site to occasional testing, I thought to share all I know about rice and it’s cooking with all of my readers.

Recently I got asked about the Top 3 brands of rice cookers and here are Chef Brazil picks – Aroma, Zojirushi, and Panasonic.

Aroma rice cookerAroma has been into rice cooker making for a long time and knows how to cater to the customers with changing preferences over the time. From the very basic and simple models to the high-end ones, Aroma has it all. The cookers are sleek, durable and come with a rich and varied range of the settings and functions. You can make rice (a lot of types), porridge, cake, soups, and steam the vegetables in it. I have given it a preference over the Zojirushi not because it excels in terms of features or technology, but because it is an ideal cooker for the people with an average budget and an affinity for simpler machines.

Some of the good choices from Aroma are the Aroma 8 cup food steamer and rice cooker, 6 cups pot-style rice cooker and 20 cups digital rice cooker.

Zojirushi rice cookerZojirushi has got it all – technology, complexity, features, class, quality, taste, variety and every other thing you can think of. The brand has been into rice cooker making for ages now and Zojirushi offers some of the best rice cookers you can lay your hands upon. From simple cookers to the ones with the neuro-fuzzy logic (newer sibling of fuzzy logic). Zojirushi will not let you get bored or tired of the choices and variety.

Panasonic rice cookerPanasonic is the brand for the persons that want to avail a lot of features on a tight budget. The company manufactures good products and has earned very good reputation in terms of customer satisfaction. The rice cookers from Panasonic are very affordable and come with the guarantee of serving you without any problems for a long time.

The Panasonic steamer is yet another product which is worth buying.