Hall of Fame

Most recent winners

Champions 2014

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Georgia, Andy & Dale BowdenLiam and Patrick Martin
394 worms5.84g
2014 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner 2014

Champions 2013

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Ellie-Jay Morris and Steve PalmerHarry and Pete Price
303 worms6.5g
2013 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner 2013

Champions 2012

Most wormsHeaviest worm
The Caravan Club Tag Team
Nick Trickett-Bell, Steve Hardcastle, Phil Shaw & Lucy Shaw
Ffion & David Owen
419 worms5.62g
2012 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner 2012

Champions 2011

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Dave Ashman (pictured) & Sam AshmanAmy & Nick Sproston
265 worms12.08g
2011 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner 2011

Champions 2010

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Jamie LongJames Butler
43 worms5.1g
2010 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner 2010

Champions 2009

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Sophie Smith and Tag Gillies Matt Smith and Ian WelchAdam Potter
567 worms

New World Record!

2009 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner

Champions 2008

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Claire and Mike GaukrogerRay O'Grady and Steve Plant
125 worms4.6g
2008 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner

Champions 2007

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Claire and Mike Gaukroger (pictured)Lloyd (pictured) and David Owen
399 worms4.8g
2007 Winner Heaviest Worm Winner

Champions 2006

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Geoff and Davina SandbergJordan and Darren Long
127 worms4.3g
2006 Winners Heaviest Worm Winners with supporters

Champions 2005

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Claire and Mike GaukrogerAdrian and James Thorley
214 worms4.5g
2005 Winners Heaviest Worm 2005

Champions 2004

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Harry Potts and Mrs PottsMatt and Stuart Sefton
167 worms4.7g
2004 Winners Heaviest Worm 2004

Champions 2003

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Richard and Rodney WindsorLewis Handley and Mrs Handley
167 worms
181 worms after 5 minute Charm Off
Champions 2003
Heaviest Worm winners 2003

Champions 2002

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Richard and Chloe Windsor of WillastonSophie and Andrew Robins and Christopher Benningwood
305 worms3.9g
Champions 2002Heaviest Worm winners 2002

Champions 2001

Most wormsHeaviest worm
Nick and Alissa O'Malley of WillastonDaniel and Trevor Ruscoe of Willaston
Plot 51 - 290 wormsPlot 130 - 3.6g
Champions 2001Heaviest Worm Winners 2001